Monday, May 2, 2011

Victroy HopDevil

Victory HopDevil
Victory Brewing Company
6.7% ABV I.P.A.

I chose this beer as a reviewable beer for 1 reason. The brewery. Victory. Reminds me of the victory for the free world over terrorism last night, When the Navy SEALS took out Osama Bin Laden. But enough! Let's get down to the review.

This is a hoppy beer. Hoppier than any other Victory offering I've had so far. The hops are more in your face too. The nose of the beer is hoppy, and it just gets hoppier from there. The flavor is great, slightly malty with a huge in your face helping of hops. And the aftertaste? You guessed it, hops. You would think that this sort hop flavor and smell could be a turn off for this beer. But it isn't. And I'll explain why.

This is not a session beer. This is a one and done beer. You have one, enjoy the flavor, smell, taste, mouthfeel etc. Then you think to yourself, "I could have another one of those.... Tomorrow." Which is true. So give it a shot. Enjoy it! It tastes great, looks greats, smells great. Have one and see for yourself.

And oh yeah. Let's hear it for the SEALS.