Friday, April 22, 2011

Genesee Cream Ale

Genesee Cream Ale
Genesee Brewing Company
5.1% ABV Cream Ale

Maybe you've heard of this beer, maybe you haven't. If you're reading this, and you're a fan of Budweiser or Coors Original, I highly recommend you give this beer a try. It's taste to price ratio is through the roof.  It doesn't have any overpowering hop flavor, but it does have a nice malt flavor to it. Its flavorful enough that it doesn't taste plain like some watery beers do, but it gives enough flavor not to bore the palate.

It's a beer I would serve at a party, or at a tailgate. It's pretty cheap, but you're getting a good value for your dollar. Plus, it isn't a widely recognized name, so you can have it at a party and when people ask about it, you have an instant conversation starter.

In short, its a serviceable session beer. It isn't anything I would show off or call my favorite, but when I'm looking for a cheap six pack to drink during a game or have while I'm sitting on my back porch, Genesee is definitely on my list.

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