Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Victory Hop Wallop

Victory Hop Wallop
Victory Brewing
8.5% ABV I.P.A.

This beer really got me excited. As I said before, I love hops. And when i saw Hop Wallop on the shelf, I couldn't resist buying it. My first pour showed it to be nice yellow ale, with a thin layer of white head. A beautiful looking IPA if I do say so. Victory really nailed the presentation, I'll give them that. But the real question is, did they get the taste right?

In short, yes. It is a crisp clean beer, and very refreshing. It has a nice flavor, and despite the name, it isn't overpoweringly hoppy. Which is the one thing that disappointed me. I wanted a big hoppy beer, and I didn't get it. But given the ABV, I was very surprised at how smooth the beer was.

All things considered, Hop Wallop is a good beer. It doesn't quite deliver when it comes to the hoppiness advertised, but if you want a nice beer that packs a surprising wallop, give this beer a shot.

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